*PREGNANCY EDITION* | 8-week challenge | Step Into your Power Within through healing + create a deeper connection to yourself. 

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Do you feel like every time you start to work on yourself you hit a mental roadblock that holds you back?


It's a sign.


there’s healing left to do… 

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Last year was all about Hot Girl Summer, but now healing your mind, body, and soul is your #1 PRIORITY. 

You need to join this challenge. 

I've created the #HotGirlHealing 8-week challenge because, for years, I‚Äôve BEEN doing ALL the ‚Äúright‚ÄĚ things. But my healing journey is just beginning. I‚Äôm ready to dive even deeper and expand my comfort zone through a holistic approach to my healing journey.

Join me and start my 8-week exclusive series: hot girl healing 

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No one ever shares the MESSY MIDDLE. 

until now...

I’ve been in the health + fitness industry for OVER a decade. I have lost weight, gained muscle, started businesses created successful programs, and helped HUNDREDS of women change their lives sustainably. 

But I want to go EVEN DEEPER. 

Even as I level up to new heights in my life + business I see there is always  MORE healing for me to do! 

And I created the #HotGirlHealing Summer Series because I want to take you on this journey with me!

After signing up for the Hot Girl Healing challenge, you will get behind the scenes view of my personal healing journey for you to start implementing in your own life too!

No one ever shares the MESSY MIDDLE. 

…until now.

For the past few years, I’ve been feeling SO disconnected from myself and others. >> this series is all about embracing the messy and imperfect in-between as I share my real, raw experience within my healing journey

Over the course of the first  5-days, we will JUMP START your journey by discussing and preparing for the 8 weeks ahead and getting INTENTIONAL with this next season in your life. 

Each day we will focus on breaking down to weekly challenges to start WORKSHOPPING your weekly goals based on that week’s focus. Then each week of the series we will focus on one aspect of our healing.


You’ll receive:

  • Challenge emails to motivate you¬†each week!¬†

  • #HotGirlHealing Guide with weekly transformation worksheets to help you implement each week‚Äôs challenge in your personal healing¬†

  • Free Podcasts, videos and other resources to help you reconnect with your mind, body and soul

  • Community Support: be a part of a community ALL focused on hot girl healing this summer

Tap into a deeper understanding of what you NEED to heal and feel good in your skin. 

Take time to be more intentional with how you show up for yourself. Your healing will be your top priority!

HONESTLY, I am unsure of where this challenge will take me

(but hear me out)

I am open to the amazing healing and abundance coming my way…

And I want you to feel open to this in your life too!


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You are not alone. Growth and healing is harder than it looks.

It’s not something that you will find through another diet. Your confidence and healing journey is so much bigger than just a number on the scale. And yet so many of us continue to search for that complete “magic pill”

The pill that would solve everything:

  • Heal your relationship with your body
  • Heal your digestion and relationship with food
  • Heal your mindset and inner mean girl thoughts

There’s no magic pill, YOU are the MAGIC. 

It starts with you taking this leap in your self-love journey to healing and face the parts of you you’ve been avoiding. 

What to Expect:


  • Week 1: Healing: guided, morning, evening, walking, group, sound bath
  • Week 2: Bodywork: acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology
  • Week 3: Expression: art, paint, music, dance¬†
  • Week 4: Biohacking:¬†self-improvement independence/autonomy¬†
  • Week 5: Gut Healing Protocols: supplements, diet,¬†
  • Week 6: Embodiment: visualization, highest self-embodiment
  • Week 7: Hypnosis: self, guided,¬†hypnotherapy
  • Week 8: Energywork: Tai Chi, Yoga, Grounding, Reiki, Float Tank
  • Week 9: Explore: solo trip

BONUS: Behind the Scenes: What is Busy BCB and who is it for?  

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