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I'm Jordan Gomez

but my friends call me J.Go. I'm a Body Positive Life Coach who helps women lose weight, gain muscle and feel confident in their skin! 

I focus on self-love and body positivity as the ideal way for women to create long-term lifestyle change! 


Do you ever wish...

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You had a better mindset?

You were more confident?

You could stick to a healthy lifestyle?

You had accountability & guidance to reach your weight loss goals? 

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I remember when I would try diet after diet & always end up "messing up" & would get so upset it would lead to me eating worse and feeling even more guilty.

I am sick of eating my ice cream with a side of guilt & you should be too!

I incorporate education on nutrition & macros to help you lose weight while still eating foods you love!

I am a body positive coach who will work through a lot of negative connotations we have attached to food as well as to our own worth.

You are not alone, we are all searching to feel valued and loved. 

I want to help you find self-love!

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I have a strong desire to transform the way people view health. Current health care is primarily a disease management system; however, a lot of our top health conditions could be managed and even prevented with proper health coaching. I want to be a part of the change!  

As a Tarheel at UNC- Chapel Hill, I learned a lot about the benefits of exercise and diet for general as well as specific populations. The courses I took, along with my internship through UNC Campus Recreation, propelled my passion for helping people take control of their overall wellness.

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I love to travel 

I worked for Special Olympics Australia the summer after I graduated from UNC in 2014. I took a cross-country road trip in 2016 and camped in National Parks. Road tripped down the coast of California. For our honeymoon Tom and I put our stuff in storage and traveled across Thailand for 6 weeks with basically zero itinerary. 

I put hot sauce on everything

I will have at least 4 types of hot sauce in my house at one time and use the ALL. My husband thinks I am crazy. Also, I'm OBSESSED with all things miniature. like mini ketchup or hot sauce bottles. Yes I do have hot sauce in my bag. No judgement.

I married  my high school sweetheart

He is my best friend and the love of my life!. Even though we went to different universities we stayed together and are happily married and proud parents to our furr baby Fiona, a husky aussie mix, who we adopted the year we got engaged. 

I am definitely an EXTROVERT

I'm seriously have never met a stranger! Most of my clients and friends would describe me as easy to talk to. I am always down to have deep philosophical chats with you at 2am or meet you and immediately want to know what your passions! 

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