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Are you ready to stay motivated, on track and make yourself & your health a priority?

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Are you ready to create your best self & feel confident in your skin?

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➭ Do you feel stuck? Like you’ve tried everrrrrry thing to lose weight and you end up either bingeing, falling off the wagon or starving? Then gaining the weight back?

➭ Do you struggle to stay consistent with your goals? Googling random diets and/or pinterest workouts hoping they will work for you?

➭ Do you catch yourself asking “WHY is it so easy for them but takes me for-EV-ver to see results?

Dude, I feel you, it’s frustrating as heck. Diets SUCK. 

If this sounds like you...Body Confident Blueprint was created for someone like you.

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✔ Feeling confident in your skin and even excited to workout! 

✔ Gaining lean muscle mass and losing body fat without crazy long workouts.

✔ Establishing routines & healthy habits that actually stick

✔ Discovering the right way to eat for YOUR BODY with macros & healthy eating so you can ditch the diet mentality & ENJOY life!

Having time for fitness and a social life!

✔ Creating a better relationship with food without crazy restrictive dieting.

✔ Waking up every day with more energy to do the things you love!

ALL of these things are possible...and more!


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but my friends call me J.Go. I am a Body Positive Life Coach who helps women lose weight, gain muscle and feel confident in their skin! 

I focus on self-love and body positivity as the ideal way for women to create long-term lifestyle change! 

Growing up, I never felt like I was quite the “right” size. I spent so much of my life trying to “get smaller” because I thought that was the only way I would feel confident.

By using the same method I now teach my clients in BCB, I was able to use macro-tracking to heal my relationship with food and myself. Most importantly, I learned to love my body while losing weight & getting stronger. 

Attending the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, I received my Bachelor's in Exercise and Sport Science, and then became certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine for personal training.

I am extremely passionate about changing the way we, as women, view our bodies and have devoted my life to helping women in the same spot I was years ago.

I am the founder of Body Confident Blueprint and have coached hundreds of women with their weight loss and lifestyle goals!

I host the Confidently Uncomfortable Podcast. I am a Body Confidence Speaker. And I run body positive wellness retreats.

BCB is everything I wish I had when I started my health journey.

​And that is why I am sharing it with you...

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BCB is for you if...


✔ You feel like you have tried everything to lose weight, and are fed up with dieting + not getting results that last.

✔ You are driven + intelligent, but sometimes feel paralyzed about where to start with your food and fitness.

✔ Your struggle to feel confident when you look in the mirror.

✔ You are ready to lose weight + stop allowing fear to hold you back from the best version of you!

✔ You have a demanding job, have limited time, and want to know exactly what to do to be successful.

✔ You want a coach to hold you accountable, call you on your BS and teach you all about fitness and nutrition.


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A few examples of what you will learn inside the Body Confident Blueprint...

And this is literally just the tip of the iceberg!

Believe me - this program is THE #1 most comprehensive female health program you will EVER come across.

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Lifestyle Audit

Get baseline of current healthy & lifestyle habits - find strengths & weaknesses  as well as best coaching style + support

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Nourish Method

Receive customized Macros for your goals and understand macros and micros and what your body needs to best fuel your goals

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Functional Fit Fix

Find your body type and understand what foods and exercise are best for it

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Energy Typing

Understand how your unique energy works and what small changes you can make that will have a HUGE impact on your body

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Confidence Deep Dives

Learn how to maneuver through limiting beliefs that are keeping you from losing weight and feeling your best

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5-Step Method

My custom 5-step method that has helped tons of women lose fat, gain lean muscle & confidence and clarity in their bodies.

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✓ Customizable Programming based on your goals and lifestyle

✓ Nutrition Coaching & Customized Macros

✓ Body Positivity & Confidence Coaching

✓ Access to my Exclusive Fitness App for workouts and accountability

✓ 24/7 group support via slack

✓ Weekly Progress Check-ins and Small Group Zoom Calls

✓ Kick-off Call to Set your Up for Success

✓ Lifetime Access to all BCB Modules and Materials

✓ Lifetime Access to my Private Facebook Group

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Module 1:

What is your why?

Module 2:

Nourish: Macros + Micros, Meal Prep + more

Module 3:

Become a Routine Rockstar: Habit Hacking, Creating Rituals, Perfect your Routine

Module 4:

Who are you?

Module 5:

Find Food Freedom: Tracking vs. Intuitive Eating How to adjust for your busy lifestyle

Module 6:

What's holding you back? Identifying Limiting Beliefs

Module 7:

Visualization: create your ultimate reality

Module 8:

A Shift that Sticks: adjusting routine when the unexpected happens

Module 9:

Where do I go from here? How to continue to create progress AFTER you graduate

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🚫"I'm too busy"

TRUTH: you're not prioritizing your own needs and because of this, you have been on the back burner for quite some time. When you don't stand up for what you need, you start to lose sight of yourself. I want you to find yourself again, you deserve this.


🚫"It's not a good time"

TRUTH: there is NEVER a "good" or "perfect" time to start. But guess what?! TIME is the one thing you can never get more if you keep waiting and putting off investing in your health you will lose the one thing you can never get back.

🚫"I've tried losing weight before"

TRUTH: Yes, you have BUT if you're still trying, then whatever you've tried before was NOT the solution. If you think going on a diet is what you need, you're wrong. You need a LIFESTYLE change. You need to create a life that you never "fall off track" from because you're so in tune with what's best for you and your body. Learning and implementing macro tracking and nutrition education CREATES that food freedom you desire. Knowledge is power. Take back control.

🚫"I'm not ready"

TRUTH: We never FEEL ready to start something that's outside our comfort zone. I never felt ready to quit everything and start my own business BUT once I took the leap and made the investment I was able to show up for myself and my goals EVERY.DAMN.DAY and you can too! Right now you have what it takes to make this happen, you just need the guidance, support and accountability that me and the Body Confident Blueprint provides.

🚫"I'm not sure I can invest the time"

TRUTH: You're right. You may be busy as sh*t and feel there is NO time to workout or start eating healthy. However, right now there is someone MORE busy than you that is MAKING IT HAPPEN. It's not about the time, it's about making your GOALS more important than defending your excuses. You deserve this.

🚫"I don't want to fail"

TRUTH: I hear this it makes my heart hurt. I remember when I had tried every diet in the books. I was searching for the quick fix to a problem that was way way deeper than weight loss.

It’s not about succeeding without struggle..."Failure isn't the opposite of success, it's part of it."

Every obstacle you hit while in BCB, you will have support so instead of giving up, you will GET STRONGER and eventually learn how to overcome any obstacle you face! This keeps you from ever giving up again! Which leads to LASTING CHANGES!

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